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  1. Yep.. I don't trust, that Virtools will change strategy. And i think that Virtools will dead for this way (( And this is real pain, because we use this engine so long and love it. But now Virtools – is just like oldman. And 3DVia MP – not for massive users… strange position of 3ds, very strange.

  2. Interesting thoughts Dom, I think its very possible for Virtools to become the flash of 3D simply because of the scripting language and believe it or not DS is a pretty good company for making that happen… The hole pricing thing is quiet interesting to, on one hand having software really cheap is brilliant for consumers as long as the market sector is large enough to make enough $$$$ to allow for future development… I personally feel at this point this market is really not big enough to support really complete tool at a sub $2K price bracket… 3 things will eventually happen to companies in that position now. 1.Prices go up 2.Product becomes stagnet (while you might argue this is true with Virtools you have to remember the did manage to build MP) 3. Company gets bought out. My simple justification at why i think $2k is to cheap is simply look at the DCC market tools like Max and Maya are $3-5k USD with 500k userbase or a simple adobe creative suite is a few ground with millions of users… If you step back and look at the software industry its very obvious who is inline and who isn't, i guess you can argue VT is to expensive and Unity is way to cheap. Its costing Microsoft and Sony huge amounts of $$$ to make things like XNA avaliable but they get the kick backs for hardware and game sales. All in all its going to be an interesting next few years…

  3. very smarts words Dominique,we're considering switching to Director 11 in our school because the new direction DS about Virtools is wrong and they're loosing the advantage  this (wonderful) tool had some time ago (i remember when it was called Nemo and the future was bright); so sorry…but it's not too late, if they reduce the price and make it popular (like Flash & 3D Max) and do suport to schools and universities , Virtools could be THE tool for all 3d interactive works. Please DS, listen to the uesers!

  4. Me too, and i think this applies for many others. the power we put in learning virtools will not turn back. i’m stressed because the same might happen with another technology.]]>

  5. Hello Sr. youare totally right about your comments, in fact in 2000, i saw some similar when Cult3D come to life, after some years Softimage bought that technology for use it on another solutions if i remember well… I been closer with Virtools since NEMO´s NAME lol aerlys 2000, and user since 3.0 i hope also that MP dont leave this great tool dead…lol… and about IRC channels you are also right!!! theres no ppl on it… SwappMeat forum its most used i think… See you later…. Ivan/Mexico 

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  7. chic, I haven't yet. It depends what kind of VR applications you want to build. Edge-blended multi-view clusters might be difficult if you require soft-swap lock and lock-step simulations (for cause distributions). Otherwise you totally can!

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