5 comments on “Happy new premium year!

  1. Hey, I never actually knew what you were working on (since you always submit perfectly broken down support cases ;)), glad to be able to see how all those discussions fit in the bigger picture. Especially as I knew about that mall setup, just not that you were working on it. About the future of Virtools, well, after those six months away, I'm starting to be quite less in the know. There definitely was a wake-up call, at least this is positive, and Virtools 5 will be a bigger evolution than Virtools 4 was. Let's just hope now that this positive impulse will last.

  2. Well, my upgrade to year version 2k9 didn't go that smooth. I've already had my first major crash (i.e. the hangover of the year) on jan 1st. But that means I had a smashing newyears eve !!!  Happy new year to all

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  4. Interesting honour than you was occupied 🙂 Hope at new year will in the same way interesting! And may be it would be year then at least 16 virtools irc user are met for mug cool beer in Berlin 😉 or Moscow.

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