5 comments on “Flavio has a blog !

  1. I have the pleasure of working with Flavio for several years! This guy is AWESOME. He thinks out of the box. The demos from his blog are impressive! I hope he gets a position at some game company soon.  Actually I hope he gets a position at MS Game Studios. 🙂

  2. Good to hear Flavio has a blog.  He really thinks out of the box, like one said above, and now he can share all his explosion of creativity with everyone. I miss the time we did our projects in a regular basis and all the knowledge I acquired. Looking forward to finish our dynamic music engine in Virtools.

  3. I had the distinct pleasure of working with both Flavio and Farah and I must say Flavio always impressed me. The guy could cook up a 6-legged thing and have it walking on the screen in a couple minutes. And, OK. I would be happy if he got a position at MS Game Studios, even if I wouldn't be able to play his works – I don't have a Windows box. But I am thinking about buying a PS3. 

  4. Well, I worked only a few months with Flavio, but I can say that He is the one of the person that you never forgot. Very friendly, works with heart, and always is ready to help! I learn a lot of things whit him and I can say that I'm proud of him! I have totaly sure that one day, I'll play a amazing game that I'll say: It was developed by my friend, Flavio.. Hehehe

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