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  1. Hello there, Great article about unity, lightmaps &  asset importing ! I wish i could Maxscript the ShellMaterials like you do. So it means the FBX is not exporting the texture name of the self illum channel ? (quite tricky part of putting the texture name in the material name) Unity also automatically imports .MAX (i guess it still goes through FBX somehow), works fine here. (but again, only diffuse, no transparent tga or lightmapped material) Editor Scripts are one of the best feature of Unity in production. Keep up the good work Dominique and respect 🙂 !

  2. Hi Dom, thanks sharing you impressions and knownledge. I do have a question for you concerning different file formats. As far as i know many of the available so called "indie" game engines is limited to 16-bit vertices in the mesh buffer (65k). This seems to be true for unity,virtools,iirlicht etc. However Quest3D can import larger models, is this becuase it has the .x file import option ??. It seems to be able to go 32bit if needed. However, i am suprised how good the CAD models has turned out when running some polygonreduction tools in polytrans so it might not be needed to have more vertices per mesh but it is alayws nice to have. 

  3. Lundin, Virtools is able to export/import meshes with more than 65k vertices. This was improved for the Virtools 4.0 release – I think after users requested it.

    So it's an 3d engine thing and maybe also a hardware thing. One solution is to internally split the mesh into chunks – but hiding this to the user (hiding complexity which is task of CAD od DCC tools). Therefore users probably need to inform the developers of the need of big meshes so they can find a solution 🙂

  4. Hi, I have some questions and i supposed maybe some of them could be answered here. Thanks. 🙂 1. we have a lot of .FX shaders for 3dsmax available online free to download. I would like to know if there is one that will give a good preview in max viewport of what I would se inside unity. 2. How can I know the language that the shader was written. Is there some code in the begginig of the file that shows like HLSL, CGSL or Nvidia CG? 3. Unity shaders have their own language? 4. When I use an .FX shader inside 3dsmax for viewport visualization the features and information of the shader goes to unity when i export the fbx? 5. Where I can find in the forum a most update tutorial or pdf etc of the process of making lightmaps in 3dsmax. I'm using 3dsmax2009 with the latest fbx plugin from autodesk (2010). How to bake the lights, create the second UV set and uv channel etc. Thanks a lot and sorry for the big post.

  5. Bruno, shader languages can be identified by their syntax or the file ending. Unity has it's own material language called "shader lab" – it embeds CG. HLSL or CGFX code it not directly compatible and thus shader are not directly exportable from DCC tools. In regards to the lightmap how-to, i suggest to search the Unity forum and Wiki.

  6. Hallo Dominique, ich glaube ich kenne Dich. Ich war mal über meinen ehemaligen Arbeitgeber Raysono bei Dir in Berlin. Damals ging es um einen Wassershader. Ich bin neu im Umgang mit Unity und möchte gerne 3d Objekte zur Laufzeit in eine mit Unity erzeugte Anwendung importieren. Geht das überhaupt? Wahrscheinlich muss man einen Importer schreiben. Aber wie geht das genau? Hast Du da Informationen zu? Das würde mir sehr helfen, weil ich mich gerade im Softwarebereich selbstständig mache und würde lieber Unity anstatt Virtools verwenden (ist billiger). Über eine Antwort würde ich mich sehr freuen. Viele Grüße aus Bremen Timo

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