6 comments on “Dom’s Interface PlugIn for Virtools Dev 4.0 is now available

  1. Hi,  If I just use your plugin in Virtools, not in a browser, is it safe?  I really need it to clean some unused attributes that CANNOT be deleted by any means… 🙂  Thanks  Ben

  2. Ben,
    the PlugIn is for the authoring environment only. It won't work as plugin for the runtime. When deleting attributes just save prior a backup copy – I once had a case where I was able to delete the XE player plugin attributes … don't know what side effect that  has.

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  4. These tools are really awesome (Time Scaler and Animation Slider mainly for me). Unfortunately, they don't work on Virtools 4.1 :(. Could you compile them for Virtools 4.1, please, if you find some time. I'm really missing them 🙂 ! Thanks for advance. PS: sorry for this unusal comment/request but I didn't find the topic on the swapmeet :).

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