I've no iPhone so multitouch is still something "new" to me. I was also thinking about buying me a smart-phone to help me organize my project tasks, daily ToDos, rendez-vous digitally and for entering some ideas, notes etc quickly. So why not combine that?

The iPhone is one of the best smart phones out there, but it's quite cost-intensive. Without contract one has to pay over 1000€, in Germany. There is only one carrier offering it officially (locked) and although it has the best network, the plans are not very attractive for us. If i look at the amount of hours I call into various networks (per month), it becomes quickly obvious that being at t-mobile would increase my monthly bill by a large chunk. Moreover it comes with tons of restrictions (no VoIP, no IM, no tethering without additional fees etc.).

So I am looking for less-expensive and lock-free alternatives. I had a look at the HTC Hero. It's quite a nice device. The screen is a bit smaller, but it already makes me wonder if it's not too small. The "sense" UI seems nice, and I really like the word-suggestion HTC added to android. the thing is, in portrait mode the keyboard still has plenty of keys and they are very small. I didn't like using it. In landscape mode it seems totally fine BUT when I tried to add a new entry into the calender, the keyboard didn't switch into landscape mode. Bummer! 😐

So i tried the same on the iPhone and surprise: same problem there! It didn't switch the keyboard into landscape for adding calender entries. That really surprised me. In the shop there was also an older G1 with a real (hardware) keyboard and it's using the original android gui. I did the same test there, and you know what? Virtual keyboard aligned to landscape while adding a new calender entry, nice! I pulled out the hardware keyboard and enjoyed that even a lot more. Typing on that was much faster and less error prone. I am not using Google services extensively (don't even use gmail!), so would have to check how I could use it with my stuff. It is also said that battery holds only aprox. for one day.

If you are using a smart phone, what are you using and are you happy with it (also for business purposes)?

Besides this, I also went by one those new multi-though screen-and-computer in-one things. Maybe from HP, a Touchsmart or so. I played a bit around with it and wondered how this could be useful. At a moment I had a drawing application running and draw some diagram flow-charts. After a short amount of time my finger tip actually started to hurt! This was surprising. I hope that this was an issue of that particular screen and that it is not something to deal with on every device.

If you are not following me on twitter, you may want to check out some trailers of the Ubisoft game "RUSE, which shall be multitouch enabled (click for video):

I wonder if this has some efficiency or speed advantages? Or only more immersion?

Surprisingly only a few months after start, Google now announced to stop Google Lively. On their blog it says:

[…] It has been a tough decision, but we want to ensure that we prioritize our resources and focus more on our core search, ads and apps business. […]

This is understandable but also a bit strange. Maybe they re-did some maths and came to the conclusion that this topic doesn't pay the bills or identified stronger competitors? I've no idea …

Surely, with Second Life's Hype plenty people jumped onto this bandwagon – and now after the initial euphoria, people maybe realize that it is not that easy – as promoted – to make money with 3d online communities? One thing is sure, the most successful online (3d) communities are actually MMO games! 2.8 million units sold in 24 hours, while the german industry suffer a deep crisis due the lack of car sales, crazy!


A few days ago I fixed some documentation that was compiled to CHM. There where some images missing when opened on other machines – it worked fine on my machine but that's because it found those images on my hard disk. So I added those images and created a new CHM file.

This time I copied my new CHM to a network machine for testing so I could detect if still some images were missing. Double clicked on the new file and …  bang – no content at all! Huh?!!


I thought I broke that thing now completely and started investigating …. but after a while I came across this webpage where it says:

if you attempt to load a CHM file remotely from another machine (mapped-network drive for instance), the security policy will place a restriction on loading the HTML content

Doh! 😐

Don't waste your time with this kind of #@!§ ! 😀