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  1. Well, I sure hope you're right. I've always wondered why autodesk hasn't got a realtime product in its line-up. Sometimes I wished that virtools had been bought by autodesk instead of dassault. It would have resulted in a much better interchange with max and maya. (which are by far the most popular dcc tools in the virtools comunity) Things like attribute export for instance, or support for mask materials.

  2. very interesting I think Autodesk is the best "player" at this time to build a complete 3D pipeline from CAD to real time for video games. They also acquired company like "Kynogon" and perhaps other I do not know.  Why they did not acquired virtools 🙁

  3. Autodesk have a tiny foot in interactive 3D authoing tools already with "motion builder" and more accurately "mocap" (the motion builder extension using motion capture). It is done to animate characters, basically, but you can use them as realtime engine (very poor performances….) to setup a virtual puppets shows or things like that… There is a graph programming language, and you can use python too. But constraints are so huge compared to Virtools. But you can have quite good results.

  4. Yes, that's true. We've done live character projects with motionbuilder, mainly because it has live lip-syncing. The graphic scripting looks like virtools, but its based on a continuous-processing paradigm. This is very handy if you're doing things which are driven by motion capture input (like aiming the eyes of the character at the camera). But its tricky to do triggered actions. This makes it very different from virtools !

  5. Anyone have an opinion on http://www.esperient.com?  Also, about 7 years ago, Alias had plans for a "Maya Real Time SDK" from http://www.design-engine.com/alias/history.html: Maya Real Time SDK: A visual simulator that ran on Windows NT. It let game artists see what their scene would look like on a particular game platform such as Sony Playstation by simulating the display properties of that hardware. This was a joint venture with an outside company that soured due to different goals and politics.

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