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  1. Hi Dominique, I work for Esperient and just came across this in a Google search. thanks for the review of Creator, If okay I'd thought i'd add a couple of quick comments: re "haven't found rotate around selection" mode  Simply use  Tools -> Zoom Selected. this will place the view centered on the center of the selected object or selected set of objects. If you then pick the quick zoom tools – the icons in the upper right of the view port and select the rotate viewpoint icon  (looks like a sphere) you will find that that lets you rotate around a selection re: Scripting and custom animation behaviours,  I think you captured the essence of this. simple interaction in Creator can be achieved with the prebuilt aniumations. More complex interaction is achieved with a combination of script code and pre-built animations – though its not as limiting as it may first appear.  Currently you cannot script your own built in animations or object alterations,  The API offers similar level of functionality to Unity3D in terms of object and material access, and the use of object animations and alterations enables thinsg like sub object deformation to be scripted as well. Its probably best to think of the call back mechanisms as akin to Unity3D's Event Class jsut with a different implementation approach. In terms of the C++ API – that lets you extend the editor  (with the limitation of adding custom animations and alterations)  or user authored scenes (for example to add 3D Spatial tracking) pretty much any way you want to. re: scalability We have customers undertaking simple product visualisations, architectural walk throughs through to simulating large areas of airfields and all the ground systems and services associated with an aircraft. So the approach does scale reasonably well. re: Markets. Creator is currently targetted more towards interactive visualisation and sim apps than game dev and thats reflected in the strong visualization feature set. We are quite heavily used in manufacturing, aerospace and increasingly architecture. While some games are in development with with Creator, the focus todate has been professional visualisation users who need to add interactive 3D vis to their workflows. As we build out the product and add more functionality this scope will get extended. Thanks much for the reviewing and thanks for posting about Esperient. I've really enjoyed reading some of your blog posts here and its great to see this sort of informed coverage of the industry. Thanks much and all the best cheers Phillip

  2. +SNIP+ [Sorry I had to moderate it because it basically was a big cursing rant without any details. This guy obviously was very unhappy with esperient. Happens with any other product too. (Dom)]

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