3 comments on “Virtools and Texture Shaders – missed potential?

  1. Looked into it recently when I was fiddling with volumetric textures. I can tell you, filling a 512×512×512 texture is not done quick… not even on a GPU 😉

  2. Laughing 512 textures??!! Laughing

    I think I once had like 450 textures … took ages to load them up into the GPU memory.

    If you saved that DDS, how big was the file?

  3. The texture was created by vsl and then filled by a shader texture function. It took couple of minutes to do the initialisation. In the end it was all in vain, because virtools can't render to volumetric RT's. Today I learned that that is a directx 10 / Cg 2.0 feature. There's a great looking sample of it in the nVidia OpenGL 10 SDK Its really cool, you can play with all those *next*gen* features like geometry shaders, WITHOUT HAVING TO INSTALL VISTA 😀

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