Looks like Window7 is now available. I wonder why most of the media is so positive about it? There is still a ton of workflow and usability issues that could have been improved… at least as far as I can judge from the release candidate I installed in a VM for exploring.

Also the upgrade price is kinda evil, can't see what justifies it – especially if you consider that most weren't really happy with Vista. Some people say Windows7 is merely a service pack that shows how vista should have been. Well, I can see that there are improvements compared to Vista, but overall? Moreover the system-builder/OEM price is much lower than the upgrade price – that's strange, not?

Something that really makes me chuckle, is the fact that on many places, Windows 7 "new features" description mentions on something like the 4th place: new desktop background images !! woohooo… a killer feature!

A few things still annoy me lot: I use several icon-bars in the task-bar – this way they are sorted into 3 categories: "all-time-time" stuff (mail, browser, file-manager, communication-tools etc), development stuff (visual studio, virtools, unity, pspad, winmerge etc) and one for games! :) The thing is, two of them are collapsed, so that there is only the label and the "small arrows" button. So it's like those "stack" things on the Apple OS. I like that but the bad thing is, the label is not a button and there is not an option to make it a button. I know, it's a small thing, but it would a difference !!

Although the developers of tools like 3ds max and Maya found ways to handle big, big vertical pop-up menus, Microsoft comes up with inefficient solutions. If we look at the systems menu from the start menu, it's all one big list that doesn't even fit my screen. Tiny small arrows indicate hidden elements. There is plenty of horizontal space, why not use it? Any why not finally sort them in some categories via tags. One row hardware, one row software, one row apps etc. On OSX they did it and I liked it. No big deal, not? Actually they did something like that if you open the system settings folder as window – except it's more of a hierarchical layout than a horizontal.

They released the widgets from the sidebar, which is a good thing. There is a "notes" widget, that you can resize and finally you get the required space to use it in a meaningful way. But not all widgets are well designed. The RSS reader is not resizable and you can specify and RSS URLS: only news from MS!

Btw. why don't they allow to tag program folders, for that installer automatically could create their shortcuts there. This way we could create a folder with the name "2D and video" and tag them with image, 2D, video and the like. Any installer then should know what tags it aims for and preselect those start-folder that fits best. Would bring a solution to those big menus where every guy creates its stuff under root – giving up to structure in a hierarchical way. Or a smarter uninstall mechanism that tracks where I moved the shortcuts to.

Jumplists might be useful, I probably won't like the library folders thing. No idea about "areo-peak" as it didnt work in the VM. Overall I won't upgrade for ~130 €!! 50 would be ok I guess. For ~80 I could get it via OEM… still too much ;P

What about you (those who didn't convert to OSX yet)?