Last year I was looking for an unit testing framework. I wanted something easy to setup and easy to use. I found UnitTest++. Checkout the overview for details how to set it up and use it.
I haven't used it much yet (going to change that now Wink) but so far I am very happy with it. Today realized that I was testing my (DLL) code in a test application, instead of using the unit test framework I have already in place. Using UnitTest++ is much better than creating testing code within your (test) application, because you keep the code you write to develop and debug your classes and they will be executed after each build automatically. 

I am following an interesting blog called 'Game Ai for Developers '. It's quite new and has frequently interesting updates. It's especially interesting for people thinking a bit about architectural aspects like the behavioral approach Virtools uses for schematic scripting via their BuildingBlocks. I already mentioned it a couple of times that the approach of creating reusable scripts that you attach on entities has it's benefits but in many cases it's better to go data driven. Virtools supports data-driven implementations even since 1.0.1 but unfortunately they didn't use that approach often enough. This also lead to many people choosing the wrong design where data-driven was the better choice.

Moreover with the multi-core problematic, all this might change when trying to do processing like a GPU.

I don't know how Virtools does approach this challenge in their Next-Gen MP product. We see that they have something called Task and Task groups – common terms in this context. So maybe you will schematically script tasks that act on data – or if we consider 'task-groups', on data-context/isle/zone. I don't know.

That's also where we can come back to the Game Ai For Developers blog. It's related to this topic! Very interesting! Smile

Like usual I am a bit late with this …


I updated my blog-system and normally you should now be able to comment without beeing forced to register. Before I used registration to protect comments from spam but now there are extensions doing it – we will see how solid they are …

Last week, a co-worker brought his Wii with him and that was my first chance to try it for myself. I like it – like everybody else! We had some fun with tennis, bowling and boxing. Though boxing seems not to react that fast to one's movements. Great toy!

Let me end this first post of 2007 with a little tip for programmers like me that do not dream binary: a flow-chart that helps to find a fitting STL container. It's from and it's linked from the Game Programming Wiki.

Aide for choosing containers