Unity3D 2.0 is announced to be released this summer. Misterion once told me, that in his tests he found Unity to be much slower than Virtools. Looks like we need to test again:

 (…) Across the board, you can expect a doubling in the frame-rate from previous versions, and greatly increased stability on the oldest of old graphics card drivers. (…)

And some other stuff Virtool users want (partially for ages):

  • GUI System
  • Terrain Engine
  • Solid Outdoor Shadowing (at least that's the impression one gets from the screenshot)

Also nice: Networking/Multiplayer without additional costs. What is Virtools 4.x is going to have new under it's hood … ?

Here's a video interview with Nicholas Francis from Unity3D. Now, why do I mention this?

  • it's stated that they are interested to become the 3D equivalence of flash
  • you see transformation gizmos
  • you see assets hotloading
  • you see gfx card emulation
  • you see network emulation (in the menu)

I know another tool that would benefit of having such features, too. Wink

Edit: It's actually not with "Tom Higgins" but with "Nicholas Francis"